ALL DESTINATIONS is a company of transport of people that propose a comprehensive insurance. This company is authorized to make all the transports for every destination, and everywhere on the European territory.  

The company accepts all the reservations without payment (Except coach). It is just necessary that you provide an e-mail address and a phone number, so that we can join you to confirm your reservation.

The company commits itself to carry out the transport of passengers after the e-mail confirmation. This one has to be sent to the company at least 24 hours before the arrival. This time limit past, the company recommends to make the reservations directly by phone:

7 days a week: From 08 AM to 08 PM to

Reservations by phone can be confirmed immediately and be dealt with, up to an hour before the arrival of the passengers. 

Prices are applied for a unique journey or destination, and include a total care of the passengers with their luggage, to their destination. Prices are fixed except between 10 PM to 06 AM (20% more),from 10 PM to midnight and 04 AM to 06 AM (30 % more) and from midnight to 04 AM (50 % more).

Drivers also advise you on places to visit during your stay, on good restaurants to go to, on the best change point, and even on any question you might judge useful to ask.

ALL DESTINATIONS never charge for delays because we follow the flights and trains in real time.

The reservations have to be made with as much precision as possible: Name of the company, number of passengers, number of luggage, number of children under 3, e-mail, mobile etc… 

For the airports and the stations: Name of the airport or the station, arrival time, flight or train number, airport or station of departure.

For the addresses in France: Address, postcode, town/city.