1. Where can I find the driver?

Directly at your arrival, you will find the driver with a panel that has your or your company's name on. In case of impossibility to park, the driver will be waiting for you at a place that will be communicated to you by phone.

  1. How long will it take to arrive at my hotel/ the airport?
    It depends on the time and the traffic.

*From the airport to Paris

From 07 am to 10 am: It's between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the districts.

From 10 am to 04 pm: It's an hour (except major traffic problems, strikes, etc.).

From 04 pm to 08 pm: It's between 1 hour, and 1 hour and a half.

From 08 pm to 07 am: It’s 45 minutes (except major traffic problems, strikes, etc.).

*From Paris to the airport*

From 07 am to 10 am: It's between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half.

From 10 am to 04 pm: It's an hour (except major traffic problem).

From 04 pm to 08 pm: It's between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the districts.

From 08 pm to 07 am: It's 45 minutes (except major traffic problem, strikes, etc.).

The company ALL DESTINATIONS insists on the fact that these timetables are just forecasts. Hours can be shorter or longer than expected, according to different factors: important traffic, strikes, breakdown, etc. In all cases, the company ALL DESTINATIONS won't be held responsible for the duration of the journey.

  1. Will there be any other passengers in the car, going in other directions? Who will be driven first?

The car will exclusively be reserved for you, and will go directly to your destination. However, if another reservation can be programmed with yours, you will be informed, but you can refuse. If you accept, you will, of course, get a discount on the service. The driver will first go to the nearest or to the most urgent destination.

  1. How to change, postpone or cancel my reservation?

You can exceptionally change, postpone or conceal you reservation, from 2 to 4 hours before the service starts (except coach D-4) only in case of emergencies, such as a cancellation of flight, a sickness or even a justified involuntary problem. Otherwise, you can inform us before the closing up of the offices at 8 pm, by e-mail or by phone, on the  We apologize for all these precautions, but we have a schedule to be respected. We cannot in any case, come to the meeting point unnecessarily, or refuse transfers to uncertain bookings.

 Can we smoke in your vehicles?

Smoking is strictly forbidden in every ALL DESTINATIONS' vehicles! First of all, to protect the health and the hygiene of the passengers and the driver. Secondly, to preserve the cleanliness and the inner atmosphere of the vehicles However, the company will see no inconvenience e to stop for a "smoking break", but only for long journeys (over 2 hours, Paris/airport transfer excepted), and if no other member of the group disagree.

  1. If my flight is delayed, how long can you wait? How much is an hour of waiting?

Read conditions of use 5

  1. Do you have seats for children?

The company ALL DESTINATIONS has baby seats. However, you do have to precise that you need one when you're booking, in the box "number of children under 3", otherwise the driver won't have it.

  1. My flight has been canceled, would I still have to pay for the service? 
    Go back to answer number 4.
  2. We have lot of luggage, can the vehicle carry everything?

We consider that each traveller has a suitcase or two travelling bags. If the number of luggage exceeds the average, and if it has been indicated during the booking in the box "number of luggage", the company will confirm your transport.

  1. Do the vehicles have the Air Conditioned (AQ?

All our vehicles have the AC. They are comfortable, and regularly cleaned.


  1. We are a group, but we are not going to the same destination. Is it possible? Do we haveto pay extra?


It all depends on the different destinations! If they close to each another, or if one is on the Way of the other, there will be no extra money charged as long as the two destinations are in Paris. In all cases, you will have to fill the box "commentary", and you will be informed of the extra amount by e-mail or by phone, before the service starts.